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An easy guide on how to organize handbags

An easy guide on how to organize handbags

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your own closet. One minute you’re buying a cute handbag on sale, the next, you have more bags than you can count. Some of your handbags are on the floor, others are on random hooks around the house, and some are still in their original packaging.

Just because you are overwhelmed doesn’t mean that organization is impossible. Taking some time to focus on cleaning up could make a big difference. Here is a detailed guide on how to organize handbags.

An easy guide on how to organize handbags

Why you should organize your bags

You could be reading this article thinking that you have everything under control so you don’t need this, or maybe you’re thinking that the battle has been lost, so why bother? Here is why organizing your purses is beneficial:

Saves Time

Do you ever have those moments where you waste precious time looking for the perfect bag to match your outfit? I sometimes pick up the wrong bag because I didn’t have time to find the one that looks best with my outfit. On one occasion, I forgot my wallet in a different bag, and the rest of my day was a disaster.

I realized that organizing my handbags saved me a lot of time. The handbags are so clearly positioned that it’s easy to pick one. I no longer stand around second-guessing myself, and if I do have any doubts, picking an alternative takes less time. I also have access to options I didn’t even know I had. An organized purse collection means that I can spend time focusing on more important things – like shoes!

Saves Money

I have four black handbags. I wish I could say that I’m a collector, but the reason is rather unfortunate. Whenever one goes missing, I feel the pressure to replace it – because everyone needs a black handbag, right? I only realized my mistake once I decided to do a closet cleanout.

Now that my handbags are organized, I no longer have this problem. I’ll never buy duplicates again because I have an accurate inventory of all of my bags.

Organizing your handbags will also help you keep track of your purchases. Knowing exactly which bags you own will stop you from buying similar ones, thus saving you money.

Saves Space

Having a small closet is already stressful, but organizing it makes it less so. It’s easy for clutter to pile up when you have a smaller space. The best way to deal with mess is by arranging everything in the proper order. It could even make the area appear bigger in some cases.

Managing your handbag collection is an efficient way of handling your space. Your handbags most likely share the same space as your clothes and shoes. You can save space for the rest by using my helpful tips.

Improves Mental Health

Research shows that disorganization negatively impacts your mental health. Having your space in disarray can leak into other parts of your life as well. You may feel like your life is a mess because your closet is a mess as well. Organizing your handbags might help you gain a sense of control, even if it’s a small thing in the long run.

There is something cathartic about having a clean and organized closet. Organizing your closet can reduce anxiety, help you sleep, and improve your mood. I always feel better when everything is where it is supposed to be.

Take Better Care of Your Bags

Having your bags piled up or stacked could damage them. Some handbags need to be hung or stored a certain way for them to preserve their shape. Keeping them disorganized could lower their value, especially if they become misshapen.

Organizing your handbags is an easy way to keep them in the best shape. You can use them for a much longer time if you take great care of them.

Four things to keep in mind when organizing your handbags

Available Space

As a handbag enthusiast myself, I know it’s hard to accept that you might actually have too many bags. Unfortunately, you may just not have the proper amount of space for them.

If that’s the case, it’s time to have a challenging conversation with yourself and decide which bags to keep and which to toss. Some bags should go because they may have been appropriate for a particular phase of your life, but you don’t need them anymore. Some may be way past their lifespan, and it’s time to say goodbye now.

Either way, it’s crucial to think about which purses still serve a purpose. Consider giving the rest to friends or family or donating others to nearby charities. Just because you don’t have space for the bags anymore doesn’t mean they won’t mean the world to someone else.


Like clothes, you can divide bags according to which season you’re in. Bigger bags might be more useful in winter to keep an extra hat and gloves in, whereas summer bags don’t require as much extra storage. You can arrange your closet in such a way that the bags at the forefront are the ones you use more often.

Also, some bags can work better with your winter outfits than your summer outfits and vice versa. This is why it’s crucial to think about the season before organizing your handbags.

Closet Type

The type of closet you have is going to determine how you store your bags. If your closet is small, going vertical is the best way to optimize space. You can limit your bags to a single row, or you can hang some extra storage on the closet door. If you have a big closet, you have more space to organize horizontally, and choose one of our spacier options.

Whether your closet is big or small, we have organizing solutions for everyone.

Outfit Type

How you choose your clothes in the morning can determine how you organize your closet. If you’re someone who dresses according to color palettes, class your handbags according to color as well. This way, you can easily pick a bag that matches the color you’re wearing that day.

If you’d rather pick a bag type with each outfit, you can organize the bags according to type. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach because we all have different morning routines. Luckily for you, we have suggestions that work with each routine.

How to organize handbags to maximize closet space

Hanging handbag organizer

Whether you have big or small closet space, a hanging organizer will come in handy. All you need is a rod to hang it on. Most hangers have spaces for up to ten bags of different sizes.

Hanging organizers are ideal for anyone who is looking to save space since the bags won’t compete with the rest of your clothes. Most handbag organizers are see-through, so you can further arrange the bags according to color. Plus, a hanging organizer keeps your bags dust-free and prevents a stale smell.

The transparency is also stylish and will fit into any closet style. Using a hanger is an easy and efficient way to organize purses. It won’t take you more than two hours to put everything in order.

The downside to this method is that it can only store a set number of bags. If it’s the standard hanger that only carries ten, you’ll have to either narrow down the number of bags you own or use it in conjunction with other strategies for it to be effective. I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone with many bags.

Inserting door hooks

Door hooks can be handy for more than just hanging coats and jackets. Some closets might not have space for a hanging organizer, or maybe you already use them for other clothing items. In such a case, the bedroom door is your next best option.

Using door hooks is an easy process. You can buy the stick-on hooks that are available at major retailers or screw them in if that’s what you prefer. Once the hook is up, arrange the bags according to their size. Bigger bags go in the back, and the smaller bags are upfront.

However, this isn’t a suitable method for bags that need to maintain their shape. Once bags are hung, they’ll be squashed together, which could alter unique shapes. Plus, you can’t use a door hook if you have a lot of bags. Either the bags won’t fit on the hook, or the hook will fall from the weight.

Keep in mind that you may need necessary permission before inserting door hooks. If you’re living in an apartment or dorm, the landlord may not allow you to hang anything or make any modifications to the space.

Use dust bags

Dust bags are usually reserved for luxury bags, but you can also use them for ordinary bags. They are a great option because they protect your bags from dust and dirt. The dust gathers on the dust bag and not your actual purse. You can keep your bag looking newer for longer.

Dust bags are great for organization because they protect your bag from getting scratched. When you use door hooks or hanging organizers, you might scratch the bags when you shuffle through trying to find the right one. Packing each bag in its own dust bag protects it from unnecessary handling.

To make dust bags even more effective, label each bag to describe the handbag it carries. This way, you’ll save time without having to open every dust bag to find the right purse.

On the other hand, dust bags are usually expensive since they are most often used to protect luxury purchases. Note that darker-colored dust bags could cause color transfer. I wouldn’t suggest using dust bags for someone who has an extensive purse collection.

Use wire baskets

Once again, doors can be a good vertical storage space. You can hang wire baskets on a door and use the baskets to store your bags. Wire baskets are more effective than door hooks because they can preserve a bag’s shape. Each bag will have adequate space, and you won’t have to move through bags before finding the right one.

You can hang more than one wire basket on the door, even all the way down a door if needed. This is great because it increases the number of bags you can arrange using this method.

Unfortunately, wire baskets tend to be heavy, so the weight might be too much for the door. The door will be too heavy to move, or some of the baskets will eventually fall off.

Use clear shelf dividers

Another way to organize handbags is by clipping dividers onto shelves and creating separate slots. Pack each handbag into an individual slot. Most shelf dividers don’t have enough space to where you can make the bags face the front, so you may need to pack them sideways.

Transparent shelf dividers are a great option because they are aesthetically pleasing. You’ll have easy access to your bags, and you can arrange them by color or type. I’d suggest organizing them by color because it looks aesthetically pleasing and saves you time when matching a bag to an outfit.

I love using clear dividers because they demonstrate the beauty of my handbag collection. My purses aren’t hidden away, and each purse gets the chance to shine. The bags look like they are floating, and I can easily admire them from afar.

The downside to using shelf dividers is the lack of protection from dust. Dust can still reach the bags through the holes. The bags need regular cleaning, and you’ll have to clean the shelf as well.

Use a floating shelf

If you can make permanent changes to the house, consider using floating shelves. Floating shelves are an excellent organization method that takes the bulkiness out of storage. Your bags won’t be stuffed into the closet, but they’ll have a designated space. If you want to show off your beautiful purse collection, floating shelves are a wonderful option for you.

Floating shelves are so versatile that you can decide how you hang them up. You’re not limited to any single design. You can use an attractive pattern that will flatter your handbag collection. Plus, a floating shelf makes your space appear more organized and stylish.

As much as they make a statement, floating shelves are not a practical storage method. You can show off your collection, but there’s no dust protection or moisture protection. By the time you want to use the bags, they may need a good dusting.

Make a purse rack

If you’re artistically inclined or enjoy a good DIY project, you can make your own purse rack. The internet is brimming with tutorials, and you can find my favorite one here. The tutorial is only three minutes long and doesn’t require many materials, just a few simple tools.

An easy guide on how to organize handbags

Making your own rack is beneficial because you only spend time and money on exactly what you need. You can make space for each of your bags without spending a fortune on a custom-made design to suit your needs.

This option is best for people who enjoy DIY projects. If you’re not one for handling hammers and hardwood, you may need to order one.

Use a bookcase

Handbag organization doesn’t have to be a complex process and you can use resources you already have, like a bookcase-turned-handbag-shelf.

A bookshelf is an excellent option if you’re working with a small space where you can’t add extra shelves. It’s best to work with what you have instead of letting your handbags remain in a messy pile.

You can add extra shelving divisions if you want to take it an extra step further. Without the extra shelving, you won’t have any support for your bags. Repurposing a bookcase is a great option if all of your handbags can stand up on their own.

Use magazine holders

Keeping up with the spirit of repurposing, you can also use magazine holders to organize your handbags. Magazine holders are practical because they already have divisions, and they provide adequate support. You can use file dividers or hat boxes in place of magazine holders.

If you flatten your bags, you can line them against each other and slip them into separate slots. A magazine holder is easy to find, and most households already have one. If you don’t own one, they are quite affordable, and you can find them in most office or furniture stores. An advantage of using them to store purses is that they are easy, affordable, and will protect your bags’ shape.

The downside is that they’re only suitable for slim bags. The method is ideal for small bags or totes that are designed to lay down. If your collection includes bigger bags, consider other options like making a purse rack or using a bookcase.

Installing modular shelves

If you have space for extra shelves or a walk-in closet, you should consider installing modular shelves. Modular shelves are highly flexible. They look like cubicles and can be moved around to your desired shape.

Modular shelves are sold in boxes, but they are relatively easy to set up. Don’t let the DIY thing intimidate you because all you need to do is join the individual shelves together. In most cases, the only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver.

Using a modular shelf is excellent because they are a temporary storage solution. You won’t have to worry about your landlord being on your case for adding shelves, nor do you have to worry about moving large furniture around. Breaking the frame down is as easy as it is to set up.

Having an open frame is beneficial because your bags receive an adequate air supply. This lowers the chances of a stale smell. Like any other shelf, the downside is that you’ll have to clean the shelf regularly as dust collects.

Use shower curtain rods and rings

Old shower curtain rods and rings come in handy when you’re looking for a way to organize handbags. Start by moving the rods from the bathroom and connecting them to the bedroom wall. Once there, re-attach the shower rings.

This is an effective and affordable way of hanging handbags. All you need are resources that you already have in the house. On the other hand, you can’t use this method for bigger bags or bags with leather straps. The straps will wear off if you hang them for too long.

Final Word

Making the decision on how to organize your handbags is not an easy one. It will take time and it might require extra effort from you. If you choose a sophisticated method like adding an extra shelf or using a bookcase, you’ll probably get your hands dirty in the process.

However, organizing your handbags is worth it. An organized space can positively impact your mental health and generally make you feel good about yourself. Whether you’re protecting casual purses or look for a way to show off your collection of luxury clutches or maybe you want easy access to your tote bags – there is a handbag organization solution for you.

I hope that this guide has taught you useful tips on how to organize handbags. If you’re interested in learning more about handbags feel free to explore the rest of the site.

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